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    Thank you for showing interest in becoming an ambassador for us. Anybody may apply, but we want to make sure that you embody our brand's core messages. Do you get up every day and endeavour to be your best self? Are you the type of person who doesn't back away when things get tough? It's easy to be motivated on the good days, but are you disciplined enough to push through on the days where everything is going wrong? If you answered "YES," we would love for you to join us on our mission to empower others.

    Requirements to apply.

    • You embody the key characteristics of our brand mentioned above.

    • No purchase is required to be an ambassador; however, we highly recommend you grab some FIRSTWELIFT apparel. This way, you are able to promote to your following so you can get rewarded ( in commission) for your efforts!

    • Please do still apply even if you have a small following or are a smaller account. You don't need to be "insta famous" to apply. We want regular people like yourself to be a part of our team because EACH person has their individual story to tell.

    Perks of becoming a FIRSTWELIFT ambassador.

    • 20% off ENTIRE order with your personal discount code.

    • Your customers get 10% off their orders when they use your customer discount code. 

    • Every purchase your customer makes using your promo code, you get 10% commission of the sale.

    • Shoutouts on our main page.

    *Read our Ambassador FAQ at the bottom of this page for important and additional information.

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    Join the team ↓


    Please fill out this form below and leave us a message about who you are and why you should be a FIRSTWELIFT ambassador. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

    ↓ Read our ambassador FAQ after applying! ↓

    How does this work?

    Great question! You will have TWO discount codes. One for personal/family member use and another for your customers and followers. You receive a 20% discount on all products. 

    For your customer discount code, you will display this in you bio of your social medias. 

    Example of what to put in your bio: "FIRSTWELIFT. Apparel ambassador. Use code: FIRSTLAST10 for 10% off your orders."

    When a customer uses this code, they will receive 10% off their total order value and you get to keep that 10%! For instance, your follower uses your discount code for 10% off on an order of $50 (typically a low average order value for our brand.) You will then receive $5 of that sale. For some, this may not be much, but by promoting as much as you can, you will earn money much faster and easier than you think. Money adds up!

    *Shipping is never included in order totals/calculated comission payouts.

    How and when do I get paid?

    All ambassador commissions are paid out on the 15th of each month through PayPal. Unfortunately, we do not offer any other payment gateways at this time.   

    Do I have to purchase something to become an ambassador?

    No! Unlike other brands, we do not require any entry purchases. However, we recommend you still do grab some apparel to promote to your customers so YOU can get rewarded!

    Is there a hidden contract or fees?

    There is no contract to be an ambassador. Once you apply, we will review your application and once accepted you're all set! We want the people who rep our brand to have freedom in how many times they want to post about us or rep our clothes.

    There are absolutely ZERO fees to apply and join. We do not require you to purchase anything upon joining. We want you to rep the brand in your own way!

    Do I have to promote/post to social media a certain amount of times?

    Definitely not!

    There is no requirement to post on social media a certain amount of times per week/month. You are free promote the brand at your own pace. This is why people love our ambassador program!

    Do I get free clothing?

     Our brand and message is about discipline, work-ethic, and passion. We acccept and reach out to people who value these traits. All of our many current ambassadors value these characteristics whole-heartedly. 

    We do not want people who just want free stuff. We want hard-working individuals who want to make a difference in their own, as well as other people's lives. Therefore, we do not give away free clothing to our ambassadors who are just starting out with us. But don't worry, growing with our brand will allow you to gain better and more rewards as an ambassador! (E.g higher discouts for you and your customers, more promotional posts, promotional products etc.) 

    If you have any questions, please email us at

    Can I promote other brands while being a FIRSTWELIFT ambassador?

    ABSOLUTELY! There is no obligation or contract stating to only promote our brand.

    Can I switch my code(s)?

    If at any time you would like to switch the name of your codes, please email us at and we will gladly change it for you. 

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