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    Our statement.

    At FIRSTWELIFT, we truly want to help you become extrordinary. Our name FIRSTWELIFT does not simply imply "gym before all else," it stands for the idea of getting up on time, overcoming challenges with confidence, and making your ideas and dreams happen. Then do it all over again, each and every day. 

    For us, that means getting in the gym early in the morning and pushing as hard as we can, which always leads to a successful rest of the day. And this may be the same for you too. But FIRSTWELIFT is not exclusive to just gym-goers -- we're runners, fighters, martial artists, crossfitters, powerlifters -- the list goes on. "Lift" in FIRSTWELIFT can be anything YOU want to be great at. It's something YOU are excited about every single day.

    Each of us have different backgrounds and experiences, but we're all brought together by fitness, passion and discipline. 


    About us.

    FIRSTWELIFT was born in Vancouver, Canada. This is much more than just clothing. This is a movement. This is where you find who you are,  discover your potential and uncover a sense of belonging with our team. And we're here to help you! We truly want to help people like you be your best self and help you find your path.

    What about YOU?

    Enough about us, we want to know more about YOU! Tag us in your social media posts, email us, or direct message us on Instagram or Facebook! We love interacting with you and we'd love to hear what you have to say! 


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